The Impact of Negative News

Losing sleep over personal issues is normal, but when you start losing sleep over world issues, you know that things are not quite right. When something you read in the paper actually makes you shudder and weep, you start questioning the nature of the people in the current society. The way the world is portrayed has changed – instead of just facts and figures,  we are given stories.  It is not a bad thing,  but it has changed the way we perceive things. While it has made us more sensitized and aware,  it has also become a source of worry and uneasiness.  When world issues start seeping into almost every  aspect of your daily conversations,  you realize how much it all impacts you.  Are all these things happening because now everyone and everything can be exposed?  Or is it because there is an explosion of uncensored and unconfirmed information?
Regardless of its impact,  negative news is news all the same –  it is the truth,  it is reality and it is information,  and we have to brace ourselves to face such harsh realities of real life –  even and especially if it is someone else’s story that reaches us. The more we see,  the more we learn and the more we grow.  And when we grow,  we find solutions and solace.