Animal Rights – left behind?


Why are ‘rights’ only limited to humans?  Why does every concept presented in this world have to revolve around humans? I understand that humans are self-obsessed and shallow, but the magnitude of this fact hit me only recently. Most people do not understand the fact that the Earth wasn’t just created for them (if the Earth was ‘created’  in the first place, but let’s not get into that now). Animals form a major part of this world, the world that we so conceitedly call our ‘own’. We may have, as a species, ‘rose to the top of the food chain’, may have become a modern society, may have surpassed all animals when it comes to intelligence, but our moral senses (which form the core of the distinct nature of us humans; what supposedly separates us from animals) definitely seem to be going down the drain.It’s common enough to see people dismiss animals as though they are unworthy creatures -or pests, as some have disgustedly called them. If you cannot sympathise with a voiceless innocent creature, how will you feel any compassion for your fellow species? The Internet has brought to light the horrible and shockingly disturbing nature of humans. Only a few months ago we saw the viral video in which two medical students threw a dog from the roof for ‘fun’. In Bangalore, one of the so-called ‘most modern’ cities of India , a woman ruthlessly killed newborn puppies in front of the mother to teach the mother dog a ‘lesson’, as the poor stray had dared to give birth in the drainage under the mentioned woman’s house. Such incidents take away the little hope that people may have had in humanity. Not only do such incidents point to the increasingly heartless characters of people, it also shows a disturbing preference that people nowadays have for violence and cruelty. Say what you may, I believe that a person cannot be good if he/she cannot sympathise with animals. People often argue that concept of ‘being good’ is fluid, and that it depends on perception. People also argue that ‘humans come first’. I believe that if you cannot care for animals, you cannot be good. If you can’t help them, then at least leave them alone. Why torture them just because your ancestors managed to evolve? You cannot survive in this world without animals.Humans were the biggest mistake that happened to Earth, that is true. I do realise that I have a very pessimistic point of view when it comes to this issue, but it’s hard to be optimistic when you’ve experienced first hand the cruelty that humans possess so indifferently. I have witnessed people running over dogs with their car for fun, and passers-by ignoring the bleeding animal. I have seen a man throw a garbage bag into a drainage – the bag contained a small kitten, which was later adopted by a woman. The issue regarding wild animals is a whole different level. Spreading awareness isn’t working, campaigns aren’t working, speeches made by great leaders aren’t working.The problem is mentality. If you manage to change the mentality of one person, he/she can do the same to another. So talk to your family, your friends, your acquaintances . Be vocal and passionate about such issues. Volunteer at animal shelters. Work out solutions for animal rights issues with like-minded people. Use the internet to connect to animal lovers all around the world. Join an NGO that works for animals. And most of all, be determined. We may be slowly losing hope but the battle isn’t over yet. We aren’t weak. And if we won’t fight it for the voiceless, then who will?

The Passing

She held his lifeless body in her arms and gazed at the slightly confused expression on his face.  He hadn’t been able to accept that he was dying.  He had been a man of vitality,  energy –  illness and death had seemed to cower away from him. Little had he known that they had been sneaking up on him all along –  to gently hug him from behind and pull him under the sweet love of their wanting,  their purpose.  They had never really liked cowering from him.

The understandable explanation given by death and illness made little sense to her.  She did not see why his warm laughter and sparkling eyes had been turned abruptly off. Like a beautiful song not allowed its time.  Like a piece of art that never got completed. It had nothing to do with her,  a normal being with a normal soul, so why had it come for her as well? For she had died along with him. The only difference was that her heart was still beating.

A little difference that made no difference.

Two people died that day.  One died and remained dead.  The other died and stayed alive.