Subtlety or nah ?


Imagine a situation where you’re really, really annoyed. You have two options – either you boldly voice out your annoyance or you subtly hint at it using body language or expression. The question is, which is more effective? After asking a lot of people, I have come to the very unpredictable answer – to each his own. What an anticlimax, right? Right. But the thing is, over time, people start recognizing another person’s neutral body language. So if you’re talking to a person who DOESN’T know you very well, chances are that he or she will NOT understand your highly annoyed body language (bet you didn’t know that, hah) . But, of course, almost everyone understands the universal symbols of annoyance.
These include –
1) raised eyebrows (should make you look unconcerned or uninterested)
2) fidgeting and watch-checking (classic)
3) frowning (universally recognized certified gesture of irritation and annoyance)
4) nose flaring (very dramatic, but effective)
Everyone gets annoyed. Remember, getting annoyed is not on the same level as getting insulted. So don’t fly off the handle! Save your fierce anger for a moment that actually requires it. Don’t displace your annoyance either. Just because your pen stopped working midway through a frantic note-making session in class doesn’t mean you can get away with shouting at your friend for asking if you’re upset. Don’t let your emotions rule you. If you really, really can’t control your emotions, I suggest you take the well-worn path of subtlety .
I thus conclude my unhelpful article, and shall go back to frowning at my depressing dinner of cornflakes with too little milk.
You can see how I deal with annoyance.